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The goal of our Inclusive Learning Department is to
ensure students who require specialized supports have
access to academic and programming assistance to
successfully complete high school.

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Course Description

English for Success (ELL)

This option course is open to students whose first language is not English to assist them in developing their academic English language skills. Students will develop the English language needed for Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.  Improved literacy skills help them effectively communicate in school, work and social environments. Students will work with a range of materials from a variety of high school subject areas allowing them to develop the English language skills they need to achieve in other subjects.

Supportive W Program

These classes support students who experienced academic difficulties in junior high as they work toward their high school diploma. W classes support academic needs as students navigate the regular curriculum. They are offered in the four core subject areas in Grade 10. Students can continue W classes in Grades 11 and 12 in English and Social Studies.

Interactions program

Our Interactions Program is designed to support students on the Autism Spectrum at the severe level who require specialized support. Students work on individual goals, which may include self regulation, communication, functional academics and life skills.

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