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The Student Leadership Program at W.P. Wagner High School is one of Wagner’s pillars of excellence. It is an inclusive program that combines the fun of team building with the meaning of service to create memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

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Leadership 15

The emphasis is leadership, character development and social responsibility. Student leaders will demonstrate their understanding of the critical values and attitudes needed to become a leader of oneself, therefore, being able to lead others by example. Student leaders will actively engage in the delivery and scope of this class by leading various in-class and out of class endeavors. 

Leadership 25 and 35

Student leaders are encouragaed to take more of a leadership role and exemplify what they have learned throughout their exploration of leadership 15. Through this involvement, student leaders will also refine their leadership style, personal vision and their life’s direction, and an understanding of their social responsibilities. 



Student Senate 

Student Senate involves students at all grade levels and from a variety of programs to represent our student voice in discussions about school culture and context, scholarly efforts and student experiences. Student perspective is vital to providing a learning environment that is welcoming, high quality, and fosters growth and success for every student. Topics of discussion include mental health, anti-racism, student culture and the transition to post-secondary. At W.P. Wagner, we continue to build on what a great school feels, looks and sounds like to ensure this is a great school for all.



Most frequent questions and answers
There are opportunities to take Student Leadership in the regular timetable by choosing the course as an elective. If you have AP classes or other options and Leadership doesn’t fit in your timetable, you can take Off-Schedule Leadership as the class meets after school throughout the year. Both on-schedule and off-schedule Leadership are available for credits. 
If you’re passionate about making a difference in your school and community, Student Leadership is for you. There are numerous opportunities to plan amazing schoolwide activities, bolster school spirit, and create new friendships and lasting memories. 
You’ll be able to develop valuable leadership and communication skills for high school and beyond. We will also plan school events, work on local community and service projects, volunteer at different community events, and mentor elementary and junior high students.
You will gain valuable skills focusing on developing effective interpersonal, public speaking, teamwork, and planning skills. No matter what our graduates have done after high school, students have used the conferences, opportunities for growth, and relationships provided by Student Leadership to enhance their lives. 
Student leadership

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