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Career and Technology Studies (CTS) allows high school students to explore interests outside of the core courses. Many CTS courses provide skills for students to achieve success in the workplace or in post secondary. Whether it is lifestyle and trade skills such as Foods, Fashion, and Construction; hobby and freelance skills such as Cosmetology, Natural Sciences, and Photography; or technology skills such as Computing Science, Communication Technology, and Design needed for post-secondary, there is something for everyone!

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Communication Technology

Students explore elements and principles of design through graphic tools, web design, and animation by creating digital images for print and web.

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Computer Science

Students learn Visual Basic.NET (VB.Net), the easiest and most productive tool for creating Windows applications and understanding the fundamentals of video game design.


Our construction technology program explores traditional hand and power tool woodworking techniques used in building furniture.

Cosmetology Interest

1 block (hobby) This course includes modules in which students learn about hairstyling, skin care, makeup, nail care, and other aspects of personal and professional grooming.

Design Studies

Working with a variety of tools and techniques from hand-sketching to Computer Aided Design, students will learn about the fundamentals of 2D and 3D design and manufacturing.

Fashion Studies

Students learn to sew basic garments and accessories in the introductory courses and then progress into designing, pattern drafting, and creating more complex and creative garments and accessories in the intermediate

and advanced courses.

Food Studies

Students learn about the selection, preparation, and serving of food for the home.

Game Design

Starting 2022-23

Students learn about game development through practical experience, including prototyping with client feedback, visual design, basic programming, user interfaces, play testing, pacing, and workflow through the design process.

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Students learn critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration skills through hands-on activities and rigorous design-based projects.

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Natural Sciences

Students become involved in the basics of greenhouse production, landscaping, indoor plant care, and floral design. Our program is for anybody who has a general interest in growing plants.


From proper camera usage to the use of a variety of digital enhancement techniques, our photography program explores the science and art of digital photography.

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Starting 2022-23

Students learn to develop artificial intelligences to perform tasks traditionally done by humans. Students build skills in creativity, perseverance, computational thinking, problem solving, and design thinking. 

Career & technology studies

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