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Career and Technology Studies (CTS) allows high school students to explore interests outside of the core courses. Many CTS courses provide skills for students to achieve success in the workplace or in post secondary. Whether it is lifestyle and trade skills such as Foods, Fashion, and Construction; hobby and freelance skills such as Cosmetology, Natural Sciences, and Photography; or technology skills such as Computing Science, Communication Technology, and Design needed for post-secondary, there is something for everyone!

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Communication Technology

Students explore elements and principles of design through graphic tools, web design, and animation by creating digital images for print and web.

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Computer Science

Students learn Visual Basic, the easiest and most productive program for creating Windows applications and understanding the fundamentals of coding and video game design.


Our construction technology program explores traditional hand and power tool woodworking techniques used in building furniture. Students will also develop skills and knowledge relevant to residential and commercial construction industries.

Cosmetology Interest

This course introduces you to different aspects of the hair stylist industry beginning with personal hygiene and grooming, then exploring different hair and scalp care techniques including shampooing and blow dry styles, hot tool techniques, long hair designs, and product knowledge. This course can lead into Intermediate Cosmetology Interest, Intermediate Esthetics, or EPSB Campus Cosmetology (career path).

Design Studies

Working with a variety of tools and techniques from hand-sketching to Computer Aided Design, students will learn about the fundamentals of 2D and 3D design and manufacturing.

Fashion Studies

Students learn to sew basic garments and accessories in the introductory courses and then progress into designing, pattern drafting, and creating more complex and creative garments and accessories in the intermediate

and advanced courses.

Food Studies

Students prepare a variety of nutritious recipes, developing and/or enhancing their skills in cooking and baking, time management, safety, sanitation, food presentation, problem solving, and teamwork.

Game Design

Design games while diving a little deeper into the whys and hows of video game development. Explore various avenues of game design including art, narrative, mechanics, and game logic and how they work together to create engaging player experiences.


Using the human-centered framework of design thinking, students learn critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration skills through hands-on activities and rigorous design-based projects.

Natural Sciences

Students use project-based learning to explore topics like greenhouse care, landscaping, indoor plant care, integrated pest management, hydroponics, aquaponics, and floral design.  Students have access to a 5000 sqft greenhouse, fruit and berry orchard, and many indoor growing opportunities.   


Photography students learn the art and science of taking truly captivating and powerful images that look professional and can impress. Students unleash their creativity in and out of the classroom and hone their technique both with supplied mirrorless cameras and editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere.


A hands-on course where students research, plan, and build robots that respond to real world problems while developing skills in computational thinking, fabrication, and design.


Esthetics is a unique program that provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build skills in the area of skin and nails. Students will learn how to properly care for the skin by completing facial and hair removal techniques. Students will also learn  make-up applications including daytime, evening, and theatrical techniques as well as body adornment methods such as henna, brow tinting, and lash applications.

Career & technology studies

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