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At W.P. Wagner, we promote healthy choices and encourage participation in a variety of activity-based courses and movement opportunities. We work with our students in setting health-related goals (such as activity, nutrition, relationships and mental health) to help prepare them for the years ahead.

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Phys Ed 10 & CALM

Offers students a wide variety of activities & movement opportunities through team activities. Students will also take CALM.

Phys Ed 10 Healthy Living & CALM

Students build knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead healthy, active lives through individual sports and activities, like yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, resistance training, and aerobics. Students will also take CALM

Sports Medicine

Students learn about human anatomy, injury prevention, immediate injury care, injury assessment and rehabilitation. 

Sports Performance

This class is geared to students who want to gain insight into high level athletic performance. Topics include psychological, physiological, nutrition, and endurance training.

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Physical Education

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