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Lifelong learning is a key component of active citizenship. At W.P. Wagner, we encourage students to learn about and understand their rights and responsibilities as global citizens through the use of technology, open discourse and active participation in the democratic process. By connecting our classrooms to the world outside, students are encouraged to think critically, make informed decisions and engage with emerging global challenges.

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Social Studies 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1 allow students to explore the meaning and effects of globalization, nationalism and ideologies. Students will also develop enhanced critical thinking abilities and advanced essay writing skills. Achievement in the -1 stream fulfills entrance requirements for post-secondary. A minimum mark of 65% in the previous Social Studies course completed is strongly recommended.
These courses are also available at the AP level.

Social Studies 10-2, 20-2 and 30-2 fulfills the minimum requirement for an Alberta High School Diploma, and can be used as a prerequisite for many post-secondary institutions or trades.

These courses are also available at the AP level.

Psychology 20 and 30 study development, learning and human behaviour. Psychology 20 is an introductory course that will help students become familiar with basic concepts. Psychology 30 delves further into understanding human behaviour and the reasons behind our actions. To participate in this course, students are required to commit to academic research readings and formal presentations. Courses are worth three credits each and English 10-1 is a prerequisite for enrolment.


Most frequent questions and answers

The grade SS10-1 provincial curriculum focuses on the theme of globalization. You take a look at the impact of globalization on identity; the legacies of historical globalization; contemporary economic globalization; and, global citizenship. Aside from the focu on globalization, the key objective of Social Studies is responsible citizenship.

It depends on the program and university, but we recommend Social 30-1 for major universities and 30-2 for most trade schools.

If you are passionate about European history and how it has influenced/shaped our contemporary world, then the course offers the opportunity to delve into this. Also, you are in a learning environment of like-minded individuals; allows for a dynamic learning environment. AP Euro History allows you to develop very strong analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills that will serve you well in any post-secondary route you take. A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Euro Exam will earn you credit in an introductory humanities course (U of A).

The AP European History curriculum focuses on European History from the period of the Renaissance to the contemporary world. In SS10AP – while the focus is on the provincial curriculum, we integrate parts of the AP Euro curriculum that align with the provincial curriculum. This occurs in Related Issue #2 of the course that focuses on historical globalization. Material/curricular outcomes tie in well with the European history material regarding exploration, colonialism/imperialism, and the Industrial Revolution. In examining the legacies of historical globalization we, in turn, address the social , political and economic impacts that allow students to apply the historical reasoning skills in AP Euro. In grade 11, the greatest amount of AP Euro curricular material is covered – Renaissance to WWI (excluding the material already covered in SS10AP). Once again there is overlap with the provincial curriculum in some areas. In SS20AP students are given the opportunity to develop their historical reasoning skills as they engage in a more in depth study of European history. In Grade 12, students wrap up the AP Euro curriculum and prepare to write the AP Euro Exam. Once again there is overlap between the provincial curriculum and AP Euro curriculum. Further development of skills to successfully complete the AP Euro writing assignments is undertaken, in addition to the 30-1 writing assignments (in preparation for the diploma exam).

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