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In September 2022, Edmonton Public School’s new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) alternative program will be available at Thelma Chalifoux School and W.P. Wagner High School.

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The Edmonton Public School’s STEM program supports students in learning with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students will learn to research and solve real-world problems in innovative ways, and gain a deeper understanding of each of the STEM fields and how they work together.

Through immersive, hands-on learning, the STEM program will offer students a deeper understanding of each of the STEM fields and work on projects that require creative and innovative solutions. The focus will be on learning new and inventive ways to approach real-world problems through brainstorming, prototyping and testing cycles. 

Families of students who would like to attend the STEM alternative program can pre-enrol in SchoolZone starting on March 8, 2022. Families of students new to the Division who would like to attend the STEM Alternative Program can indicate their program choice when registering for school, which started on February 1, 2022.


STEM graduates in Canada and is ranked one of world’s highest educated workforces

1 %
STEM Employment

Employment in growing industries and occupations require a mastery of science and math 

$ 1
per annum

STEM graduates can start earning anywhere between $90,000 to $130,000US per annum, depending on the university and course.

Why Take STEM

Build your skills

Prepare for the future

STEM Highlights

21st Century Skills

With our economies growing and technology taking over everything, the 21st-century job market has changed. Now, companies are looking for graduates who are curious, innovative, love to experiment with new things, and are good at solving complex problems.

Job Opportunities

Several countries across the world, including the US, Ireland, and New Zealand, are making it easier for STEM graduates to get a job. Students have the opportunity to learn from amazing teachers, use the latest technology, and work with industry leaders like Google, Tesla, and Netflix.

Higher Pay

If you are a STEM graduate, you can be earning anywhere between $90,000US to $130,000US per annum, depending on the university and course. 

Equality at Work

According to UNESCO, access to STEM education for girls is a human right. Nations across the world are working tirelessly to promote equality in both STEM education and the workforce.

Invent New Things

After graduation, you will be working at a company into innovative, ground-breaking technology, putting you at the forefront of your field!

Help the Community

Our generation is not without its challenges – climate change, fake news, depression, corruption, and whatnot. When you’re in STEM, you have a chance to address the issues we’re facing on a global scale.


March 16th 2022
7 - 8 P.M

Join us at our Virtual Information Session and learn more about Edmonton Public School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) alternative program.

Virtual Open House ⋅ March 9. 2022


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