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Campus EPSB is designed as another way for students to earn high school credits and industry credentials, get ahead of their studies or prepare for post-secondary. It’s a great way for students to explore opportunities and get hands-on experience that can help them plan their next steps. For more information, visit epsb.ca

CAMPUS EPSB at w.p. wagner


W.P. Wagner is the home of Campus EPSB’s Cosmetology program. This 2 year program provides you with the opportunity to complete your post secondary education alongside your High School courses. Campus Cosmetology is an apprenticeship program where you will learn everything you need to become a hair stylist or barber. From basic hair cutting skills, hair colouring applications, Long hair designs, Perming and hair extensions. In this program, you have the opportunity to work with clientele to build your skills and become comfortable working in a Salon environment. As you excel in this program you will be able to find an apprenticeship position in the hair styling industry, where you will work towards receiving your Journeyman Certification.  In this program we make sure that you have everything you need for your hair styling or barbering career.

CAMPUS EPSB opportunities

These opportunities allow students to take courses that may not be currently offered at their home school, and immerse themselves in an area of study that excites them for 3–4 blocks of the day at another school or an industry site for one full semester. If a course runs for three blocks, students can take a fourth block class at that same school.

Career pathway

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