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Advanced Placement (AP) is a rigorous academic program that prepares students for the transition from high school to university, and is the largest academic enrichment program in the world.


The AP courses students take at W.P. Wagner are recognized by 3,900 universities in over 30 countries!


Advanced Placement courses provide students with an opportunity to get a headstart on university and even to earn university credits and advanced standing in university. When students complete an AP course, they have the choice of using the higher grade on either their AP or diploma exam when applying to university or college. Completing AP courses also makes students eligible for scholarships and grants only open to AP students.

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why AP?
AP Capstone program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Program is developed to meet the needs of students who want to enhance their study in other AP courses. The program focuses specifically on developing research, collaboration, and teamwork skills, which are increasingly valued in post-secondary and business worlds. 


AP Capstone is comprised of two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, which complement the discipline focused AP program. Students who participate in the AP Capstone program and take four other AP courses while in high school, will receive the AP Capstone diploma.

why take AP at Wagner

International Recognition

The AP courses students taken at W.P. Wagner School are recognized by 3,900 universities in over 30 countries!

Change the World

Discover the power you have inside of you to affect change on a world that needs you to change it.


Our AP students work with enriched material at an accelerated pace, fostered by passionate teachers and peers.

Variety of Programming

We offer a diverse catalogue of AP courses, including the largest Capstone and Art programmes in the province.

Classroom Composition

AP Students still learn the Alberta Curriculum, so it doesn't change what you learn, but it does change how you learn, surrounded by critical thinkers asking captivating questions.

3 year ap plan

English 10-1 AP

Social 10-1 AP

Science 10 AP

Math 10C AP

Biology 20 AP


English 20-1 AP

Social 20-1 AP

Social 30-1 AP

Biology 30/35 AP

Chemistry 20 AP

Math 20-1 AP

AP Seminar


English 30-1 AP

Chemistry 30/35 AP

Physics 20 AP

Physics 30 AP

Math 30-1 AP

Math 31 AP

AP Research

AP Studio Art & Design


Art & Design


Capstone Research

Capstone Seminar

Calculus AB


Computer Science

English Language

English Literature

European History

Physics 1

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Most frequent questions and answers

Of course we have the core subjects you’d expect (AP English, AP Social, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Math), but we also have some unique AP experiences available in AP Art, AP Capstone, and AP Computer Science.

“Harder” isn’t the way we look at AP here at Wagner. Sure, if you’re up for a challenge, sign up, but this program isn’t meant to be a struggle. It’s meant to be filled with engaging perspectives, opportunities for students to see things from new angles and in new ways. Students are still assessed only according to Alberta Ed standards, so your mark shouldn’t be lower because you’re in an AP class, but you will be more engaged.

We get this question a lot, from parents and students who want to ensure they make the right choice. Yes, there are differences in the programs, but at the heart of this question is the fact that they’re both advanced programs that help students see beyond the regular and the ordinary. They both stretch students and ask them to think past what they once took for granted. Find the school that speaks to your heart and take the advanced programs that they offer there. Click here for more information. 

Nope. It is easier to schedule students who choose full AP, but you don’t have to. You can choose to do one AP course. You can choose to do all AP. You can choose to do partial AP. We’ll work with you to give you the best experience.

With transfer credit, the most commonly awarded of the three options, you receive university-level credit for AP work completed in high school. Transfer credit can allow you to free up time in your university course schedule and save money. While we encourage students to retain the transfer credit they have earned, you do have the option to decline it at the time of admission. Click here to learn more. 

Advanced placement coordinator

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