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Our Fine Arts Department is proud to offer outstanding opportunities to explore creativity through music, drama and visual arts. No experience is required in any Fine Arts program, and all students are welcomed with support to build their foundational skill set in their chosen area before being inspired and challenged to develop towards their own expressive voice and personal style. Our Fine Arts teachers all actively practice what they teach and look forward to sharing their passions and creative spaces with you.

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Visual arts & pottery

W.P. Wagner is home to an outstanding studio facility with state of the art equipment. Students have the opportunity to create in diverse and mixed media types, and in both 2-D and 3-D as we offer full three-year programs in both general art and ceramics. After the completion of either of these 15 credit paths, students who are looking for visual arts enrichment opportunities can focus on the creation of an Advanced Placement 2D or 3D Design Portfolio

INstrumental music

W.P. Wagner’s music program has something for everybody! Whether you’ve been studying music for years or have yet to get started, a love for music is the key to success in our music program here at Wagner. Our students have the opportunity to participate in concert band, jazz band, choir, and various small ensemble settings both within the regular schedule as well as offered after school. We play all styles and genres of music and students are encouraged to explore their interests in all musical settings. Our program is focused on developing skills, building meaningful connections, and fostering a life-long love of music that students can carry forward with them long after highschool. Our music classrooms are full of life and laughter and we make some pretty phenomenal music along the way. Come join in the fun!


W.P. Wagner’s new Digital Audio Program offers students an introduction to the world of audio production, creation, and live recording. Through hands-on training the students  discover a wide range of recording and production techniques while also building their musical knowledge and skills in aural training, composition, arranging, critical listening, and music theory. Students actively participate in the creation of various works and collaborate with one another throughout the entirety of the course. A variety of DAWs are used and explored and students are provided with access to state of the art recording and production equipment. The Digital Audio Program welcomes all students to explore their creative side and have some fun along the way.

Drama & theater

W.P. Wagner’s Theatre Co. believes that everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine. You may find your place to shine in the traditional sense on stage in the spotlight, you may discover it’s behind the scenes running technical theatre in the booth, or you may find your passion in the director’s chair. Our theatre program provides opportunities to hone your performance skills, develop new ones, and extend your understanding of the world of theatre through hands-on experiences. Students can be a part of the vibrant community with on-schedule drama courses, full-length productions, one act plays, directing, improv, technical theatre, Alberta Youth Theatre Collective, and a fully-equipped theatre! Drama offers students a creative outlet to gain invaluable skills in confidence, communication, and collaboration vital for life beyond high school!


Guitar students have the opportunity to learn how to play the world’s most popular instrument. The large-group class experience includes both live and recorded performances across a wide variety of musical styles. Students learn such skills and techniques as fingerpicking, strumming, chording, music reading, blues patterns, and improvisation. No experience is necessary for registration in Guitar 15. The program continues with more advanced topics at the 25 and 35 levels. Please note, students are required to provide a guitar for this course, which can either be purchased or rented for a small fee from local music stores


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