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Our Fine Arts Department is proud to offer outstanding opportunities to explore creativity through music, drama and visual arts. Our fine arts program is well known across the city and the province for producing high-quality student work and outstanding performance ensembles. Our teachers are also well-known in their chosen artistic fields.

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Instrumental Music

Live Presentation and Q & A


Live Presentation and Q & A


Live Presentation and Q & A


Live Presentation and Q & A

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Visual arts & pottery

W.P. Wagner is home to an outstanding studio facility with state of the art equipment, which gives students the opportunity to create in diverse and mixed media types, and in both 2-D and 3-D. We offer full three-year programs in both general art and ceramics. Students who are looking for visual arts enrichment opportunities can earn credits and build additional skills in the focused areas of drawing or sculpture after the completion of Art 10.

INstrumental music

W.P. Wagner’s highly successful music program is a great representation of our school. Our music program offers something for everyone and for all abilities. Our students have the opportunity to choose a music stream that complements their studies in academics. Our program is focused on developing skills and giving our students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of musical styles and genres. W.P. Wagner music students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular music ensembles and take advantage of music enrichment opportunities within Edmonton Public Schools and in the music community at large.

Drama & theater

The lights, the sound, the audience, the actors. Our W.P. Wagner Theatre Department provides every opportunity to students to be a part of this vibrant element of our school’s Fine Arts community. Drama courses, full-length productions, one act plays, an award-winning improv team, technical theatre, Cappies, and a fully-equipped theatre are all part of the experience. Students will learn the key elements of character development, writing for the theatre, movement, improvisation, and how to become a stronger storyteller. So much of life is communication – drama offers students a way to focus, grow and gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime.


Guitar 15, 25 and 35 are for students who want to take music, but who do not necessarily play traditional band instruments. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques and theory while playing real songs in many styles. All levels include the opportunity to perform publicly in large class ensembles. Please note, students are required to provide a guitar for this course, which can either be purchased or rented for a small fee from local music stores.


Most frequent questions and answers
Not at all! The course is designed with the beginner in mind and students will learn all of the essential fundamental skills: Open chords, strumming, fingerpicking, note-reading, blues, power chords, and performance techniques across many musical styles. 
Yes! Typically each class has a major concert towards the end of the semester, which can often involve playing as many as 20 songs for a large audience across a variety of classic and contemporary styles.
No! There are no prerequisites for drama 10. If you have tons of experience or no experience, we will work with you and build your foundational skills in preparation for drama 20 and 30.
Technical Theatre is an important aspect of our theatre community at W.P. Wagner. You will be trained with the various aspects of theatre behind the scenes. You do not need any previous experience, but a willingness to learn. The technical theatre team does tech for the One Act Festival, the Mainstage, Improv shows, as well as events throughout the school like Wagstock, Awards Night, and assemblies. 
No! In Art at Wagner, we believe that every student can draw. Wherever you are in your skill level right now, we are here to help you. 
AP Art is an opportunity to develop your own art portfolio through a visual means of your choice, using your own voice and style.
Yes! We are so lucky to have our beautiful studio space for Pottery. Pottery is a separate course at Wagner. We offer 3 levels, Pottery 15, 25 and 35. You can also submit an AP portfolio in 3D Design.
Yes! You will learn to make and take home functional pieces, like bowls and mugs, as well as sculptures. The functional pieces you make here are high fired and food safe. 
Yes! There are numerous performance opportunities in-school like assemblies and concerts, as well as presentations at musical venues around Edmonton. 
Instrumental Music provides a base of musical knowledge and theory, with an emphasis on high-quality performance. Jazz Band offers a performance-based study of jazz in a big band and a small combo. Symphonic Band offers music enrichment opportunities to prepare for festivals and tours outside of the regular timetable.
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